Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Travel Nurse Jobs, CA. Why the high demand?

Why Such High Demand for Traveling Nurses?

Traveling nurse jobs in California are on the rise.  More facilities, home health providers, and clinics are utilizing traveling nurses more than ever.  Hospitals and patient care centers have historically only used temporary or traveling nurses in order to fill positions between hiring or to cover a short-term staffing situation, such as nurses who are on vacation, have a health crisis, or even maternity leave.   Today, however, these positions are in greater demand for many reasons.

Regulations within the healthcare industry have made hiring nurses as salaried employees more problematic.  Today it is very expensive to hire a full time employee of any type, but more so in an industry that has so many different checks placed upon employment.  Hiring traveling nurses in California reduces the overhead of hospital systems because there is no need to provide benefits to a temporary employee.  That saves the hospital on insurance, PTO, retirement savings plans, certifications, training, and other overhead expense.

Traveling nurses often fill specialty positions or those difficult to recruit for.  Traveling nurses are oftentimes specialized and provide specific care: elder care, psychiatric, dialysis, cancer and chemotherapy nurse, high risk obstetrics, and other nursing fields that have a high level of stress and turnover.  These are fields where nurses often walk off the job because of the emotional toll.  Traveling nurses can fill in and provide care without a gap.

Traveling nurses are hired for crisis or short term help.  Hospitals will often hire short-term nurses to fill in during holiday seasons or cold and flu periods when there is a greater influx of patients to care for.

There are many reasons why traveling nurses in Los Angeles or other parts of California are in high demand.  It is a lucrative field for those who wish to have flexibility and high pay.